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Pagan Gatherings Vendors

Welcome to the vendor's list for Pagan Gatherings!


All vendors who participate in our shows have their businesses listed on this page with a link to their web site. We also indicate which of our events each vendor is signed up to work for each year. 

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Vendors List

Your one-stop-shop for handmade ritual incense, soy spell candles, ritual ink and salts, handcrafted rituals tools, including original etched chalices and handmade wands. Unique pagan gifts and magical supplies, as well as herbs, resins, roots and essential oils for all your spellcrafting needs!

Web site:

Facebook: ArachnesWeb9

Instagram: arachnesweb9


Deni will be showcasing a selection of The Cauldron's offerings, featuring spell tapers, crafted in the traditional Olde Way, candles imbued with accountability spells, treasures inspired by Skyrim (and ACOTAR for the Booktockers among us), as well as small curiosity jars and trinkets. She will be peddling naturally and organically made body products: balms, salves, soaks and scrubs and Fairy Dusted herbal soaps. Additionally, she'll be presenting earrings adorned with meticulously cleaned animal teeth and bones sourced from the abundant lands of the Mount Washington Valley and Lakes Region, alongside her esteemed business partner, and diviner of the Circle of Doors Tarot, Susan Martin. As Kahjiit would say, "Kahjiit has wares if you have coin."

Blessed Be,

Deni Weeks of Arcadia's Cauldron

44 Main Street, Conway, N.H 03818


Facebook: ArcadiasCauldron


Artisan Reki Center

We are Artisan Reiki Center & Artisan Crystal and Gift Shop, a small business located in Stratham, NH.

We offer a rich selection of quality tumbled and rough stone, healing wands, hand made jewelry, spiritual books, Tarot & Oracle cards, incense, and various other unique gifts.

Web Site:

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Whimsical and weird art/home decor made from repurposed, recycled, and thrifted materials. Everything comes with a message to look at how single use items can get a second life.

Come see Pam's wonderful wreaths, alter decor and witchy accessories!

Facebook: Bee-Rex Crafts

Instagram: Beerexcrafts


I make homemade fudge in several flavors. Plus various sweets, like candied nuts, crispy pops, haystacks, and others. At the Beltane Gathering I will have an assortment of fudge and other yummy treats!



Web Site:

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I’m a hippy substance abuse therapist that sells crystals as my side job when I’m not trying to save the world one person at a time. My boyfriend sells minerals and specimens and I sell crystals and do all the metaphysical life stuff he doesn’t really understand but my people that I love do. I also teach my clients and whoever else wants to join in. I love life and I love people. I’m excited to meet everyone!!




Through Divine inspiration, Sara creates jewelry with purpose, intention candles, dreamcatchers, and more, all meant to adorn your body and home with love. I also offer an assortment of crystals and minerals, smudging supplies, and tools of divination, all collected with the intention of sharing the healing energies of the Universe. I have been graced with many blessings, and through Divine Adornments, I hope to share those blessings with the world.

Facebook: DivineAdornmentsNH

Etsy: DivineAdornmentsNH

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Earthly Tokens

Marci a Reiki Master began Earthly Tokens a few years ago making Uniquely crafted nature resin jewelry, rune stones and organite, infused with selenite and blessed with reiki. Photos that capture nature’s beauty is a new edition to Earthly Tokens. Marci will be bringing jewelry & rune stones made from resin and a selection of nature photos to the Beltane Gathering.

Web Site:

Facebook: EarthlyTokens

Instagram: Earthly Tokens 


Every Witch Wares was founded in 2022 when Jessica Kenney left her 9-5 job in order to create custom spellcrafts full time. She specializes in working with herbs and crystals to create intention candles, and spell jars that can be tuned to an individual's special needs and desires. In addition, she offers several other spell components, including raw crystals and sage sprays.

Web Site:



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Hoffman Haus Creations is a queer, pagan, and family owned business creating art, jewelry, and home decor.

Facebook: HoffmanHausCreations

Instagram: Hoffman Haus Creations

Twitch: Valkitty79


At Modern Day Magick, we help modern witches just like you reclaim their unique inner magick through accessible online education, consciously crafted kits and supplies, curated community, IRL sacred space events, free content, and one on one mentoring sessions. Stop by to check out our custom teas, incense, & oils, spell kits, books, beeswax candles, and other spiritual supplies to help you make your best magick.

I'm Aradia: herbalist, owner and Head Witch at Modern Day Magick. I've been teaching people about witchcraft and magick for many years, first informally among friends and as a professional instructor and educator over the last 6 years.

Facebook: Modern Day Magick

You Tube:  Dear Aradia

Web Site:

Tick Tock: Aradia Darling

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Our Mission Statement ✨️✨️

The mission of New Hampshire Pagans is to foster an eclectic, inclusive and harmonious community grounded in Earth-based spirituality. Committed to celebrating diversity and promoting understanding, our organization seeks to provide a welcoming space for individuals following pagan paths. Through education, events, and collaboration, we aim to cultivate a sense of connection with nature, honor ancient traditions, and support the well-being of both our members and the wider community. Together, we strive to embody the values of respect, kindness, and stewardship, contributing to the flourishing tapestry of spiritual and cultural richness in New Hampshire and beyond!

Facebook: New Hampshire Pagans

Olive Vintage Boutique & Wellness

Olive, Vintage Boutique & Wellness offers services and handmade items for those seeking a holistic lifestyle and local artisans. Olive & Bloom Holistic Care and Healing and Julia's Array are part of this haven, where you can explore the magic of Reiki, Intuitive Sessions, Card Readings, Crafting Parties, Postpartum Doula Services, and more. You can also indulge in handmade items such as essential oil products, tote bags, decor, and vintage items that will inspire you.

Facebook:  Olive & Bloom                          

Facebook: Julia's Array                      

Web Site:     


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Hand crafted brooms, wands, and other wood and floral tools or decorations. Our designs are inspired by pagan/occult beliefs and rituals. The elements used in each product are selected for their perceived abilities as well as appearance. Materials are a mixture of foraged, refurbished, and purchased components.


An evolution of my passions steeped in the world and it's magick. Roaming Memories stems from wanting to share my journey of discovery with everyone around me.


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At Rose of the wood, we connect our visitors with the abundance nature provides and the greater sacred community. Our products are ethically sourced, harvested, and handpicked, from quality suppliers and passionate crafters. We believe in weaving energies of nature within our everyday life to enhance our deeper selves, the world around us. We are a new online shop but growing quickly. We offer a variety of unique tools and supplies to fill your home and practice. Some of these items include candles, herbs, teas, incenses, bath and body delights, essential and blended oils, unique jewelry, stones, gifts, spell charms, tools and much more.

Facebook: roseofthewood
Instagram: rosofthewoodshop

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