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Pagan Gatherings Psychics

Welcome to the Psychic reader's list for Pagan Gatherings!


All psychics/readers who participate in our shows are listed on this page with a link to their web site or other Internet page. We also indicate which of our events each reader is signed up to work for each year. 

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Psychic Readers List

The Fay Dragon

Mary has been a reader and student of tarot for over 45 years and a professional reader for over 25 years. While her main method of divination is through intuitive tarot; she also uses ogham to enhance her readings, as well as information from her ancestors. She works with three specific ancestors of her own during the readings to bring clients the information they need for the inquiries they present.

Facebook:  The Fey Dragon

Instagram: The Fey Dragon_Druid (intuitive readings)

Instagram: Stabby_Sticks (sacred and intentional fiber arts)

Naomi Keenan

I’m a local psychic reader. I learned how to divine using tarot from my grandmother, and I often use her cards. I offer personalized readings using tarot and oracle cards, runes, and bone/ charm casting. My connection to the spirit world is constant, and I will give you and insightful reading, either general or specific to any situation in your life.



Madam Martin

I am Madame Martin and experienced tarot reader with skills in communication and connection. My readings are easy to understand, clear and personalized.

Facebook: UniqueBoutiqueNH

David Reaume

David Reaume is one of the founders of the Artisan Reiki Center & Artisan Crystal and Gift Shop, a small business located in Stratham, NH.
The Artisan Reiki Center provides multiple energy modalities, integrating them to facilitate physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. They clear physical, emotional, mental, and karmic imprints from the human energy field to help you fulfill your dreams and live your souls mission. It is their vision to provide spiritual healing, services, and education at the highest standards and integrity. In the process raising the energy and vibration not only of their clients but of the community, planet and universe as a whole.

Web Site:

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