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Pagan Gatherings Charities

For each of our events, Pagan Gatherings will be attempting to raise donations for various causes. Each event will have a clear listing of the charity/cause, with background.

Some of the ways we may try to raise donations during our events include:

  • Raffles for items or services from our fabulous vendors (totally optional!)

  • Donations of food or clothing

  • Ideas from you - our community!

Check back on this page for a listing of our charities for 2024, and which event will donate to which charities.

Thank you!

Beltane 2024 Charity Options:

The Gary Sinise Foundation

The Gary Sinise Foundation supports men and women who have served our country in a variety of ways. They support veterans, first responders and their families. 

For Beltane 2024, the Pagan Gathering will hold an optional raffle to raise funds to send to the Gary Sinise Foundation.

For more information, see their web site linked above.

The Concord Coalition to End Homelessness

Having a home, shelter, heat and food are the basic needs of all human beings. The Concord Coalition to End Homelessness is working daily to try to provide for those men, women and children who are tragically without those basic needs.

Supporting the coalition will help them to provide shelter, food, clthing and other needs to New Hampshire's homeless population during this most difficult time of the year - New England Winter.

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